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All skin treatments include a complimentary 15-minute skin consultation, and hot or cold therapy to relax stress lines, increase product receptivity, or to curb inflammation.

Enso Clinic | Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments | St Petersburg
Enso Signature Anti-Ageing Treatment


Our premiere skin therapy treatment pairs Hyaluronic Acid serum with an exclusive revitalizing anti-ageing mask.  Specifically stimulates collagen production to plump the skin and reverse the signs of ageing.

European Treatment Facial
​$65 and up

Designed to remove dead skin cells, refine pores and normalize oil production.  Customized treatment plan and professional product selection including a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask and a neck and shoulder massage.  Add-ons may be recommended by your skin therapist.


30-Minute Express Facial

This luxurious, hydrating treatment that leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation and mask.

Calming Back Treatment


Involves a deep cleanse along with an exfoliation, followed by a custom treatment based on your skin analysis, including any extractions.

Seaweed Body Wrap

This relaxing treatment improves circulation as it firms, tones and detoxifies.  A mini facial is included.

Body Scrubs


Exfoliating treatment leaves your entire body soft and smooth.  Stimulates circulation for healthier skin and improved detoxification.


Treatment add-ons may be chosen by you, or recommended by your skin therapist based on your personalized skin analysis.

Eye Treatment


Tighten and tone under eyes with 100% collagen layered under a specialty mask.


Lip Treatment


Invigorating lemon scrub topped off with rich vitamin C serum.

Enso Clinic | Body Scrubs | St Petersburg
Enso Clinic | Facials | St Petersburg
Spot Treatment

Specialty-formulated treatments for acne and hyper-pigmentation.

High Frequency Current 


Refines and heals the skin by stimulating nerve endings, increasing circulation and improving lymphatic circulation.


Includes rigorous cleansing of facial pores.

Galvanic Current

Positive and negative currents infuse professional high-quality products to the deepest layers of the skin.

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