The benefits of a massage are universally known.  Massage therapy decreases the effects of anxiety, tension and pain.  At Enso, there are different massage therapies available.  From a 90-minute Full Body session to a 30-minute massage concentrating on one area of concern, there is a program for everyone.

Massage add-ons may be chosen by you or recommended by your licensed massage therapist.

90-Minute Therapeutic Massage


This full body massage targets soft tissue imbalances with a combination of neuromuscular, myofacial and deep tissue modalities.

60-Minute Therapeutic Massage

Targeted use of neuromuscular and deep tissue therapies in two to three specific areas of concern, such as low back and neck.


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30-Minute Therapeutic Micro-Massage


Focused solely on one area of concern, neuromuscular and deep tissue methods utilized to provide relief of discomfort and imbalance.


Customized Massage

A massage treatment program customized specifically for your individual needs.  

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Scar Tissue Reduction


Myofacial and friction techniques are used to break up fibrosis and realign scar tissue for increased comfort and range of motion.