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Wellness Services

The benefits of a massage are universally known.  Massage therapy decreases the effects of anxiety, tension and pain.  At Ensō Wellness, there are different massage therapies available.  From a 120-minute Full Body session to a 30-minute massage concentrating on one area of concern, there is a program for everyone.

Sports Massage

Helps to treat injuries that occur with athletic participation while helping to prevent future injuries and decreasing the recovery time needed to heal. A Sports Massage can help increase flexibility and athletic performance.

Starting at $70

Therapeutic Massage

This treatment targets soft tissue imbalances with a combination of neuromuscular, myofascial and deep tissue modalities.

Starting at $70

Deep Tissue Massage

Helps to improve circulation, reduce minor aches and pain, increase range of motion, and ease inflammation.

Starting at $65

Relaxation Massage.webp

Relaxation Massage

This smooth, gentle treatment relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, and promotes a general sense of relaxation.

Starting at $60


Energy Work







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