At Enso, we believe that a good maintenance program keeps your body looking and performing at its best.  Enso specializes at keeping men and women looking at their best with affordable and effective massage therapies.  It is our mission to keep you purring along like the beautiful, well-oiled machine that you are – without breaking the bank.

Our licensed, trained therapists are passionate about massage and wellness, and are dedicated to providing you with the utmost in quality care and services.

Jeremy Couture was born and raised in northeastern Connecticut and attained a B.A. with a focus in Business Administration from Lake Forest College in 2001.  He relocated to Florida in 2002 and graduated from Humanities Center School of Massage in 2005.  Jeremy returned to Cortiva Institute (formally known as Humanities Center) in 2008 as an instructor of Neuromuscular Therapies and Sports Massage.  He also taught numerous Continuing Education courses.  Jeremy specializes in treating clients with chronic pain issues, as well as sports and athletic performance and injury prevention.  Jeremy opened Enso Clinic in 2007 and it has continued to grow yearly, becoming one of the most respected and well-known clinics in the Tampa Bay area.